2017 The Year of…a bit less cake?

So, it’s a new year. Again. Another year to talk about great ideas, dream a bit, and then get on with reality. Last year in March, I made a list of 10 things I wanted to achieve by the end of 2016 and pinned it on my fridge. I’ll probably do it February this year. No reason to rush these things. Our NY eve was low key as Gravy had the early morning shift the day after. In fact, we all slept and my alarm woke us at 23.45 so we could watch the great balls of sparkles flying through the air at midnight. I’m not sure why. We stood there shivering, with the warm bed in the corner of our eyes. Still, it felt like the ‘right thing to do’ in an attempt to reassure ourselves that we were still young, cool party going hipsters who revelled the night away. Midnight? Pa! That is early, we used to say! But no, alas, no more. 10 minutes into 2017 and we were fast asleep once more. Which is impressive if you have ever experienced a Dutch NY. It is like every single firework ever made set off from the 24 hours before the Big Moment which is a total climax of madness. I have no idea how much money is spent on fireworks annually (legally you are only allowed to buy/sell/light for 3 days a year) but a significant proportion of the GDP is burnt simultaneously within 24 hours. Even if its foggy and raining. That said, it is an experience to witness.

Spending time in the UK over the festive period was really really lovely. We visited lots of friends and family and there was a sense that the boys had made true friends with the other small children. This warmed my heart deeply. Our journey went well, only I asked the kids for 3 minutes toimg_6093 myself to pack up the bag on the boat, and ended up covered in sneaky stickers. Still, all in the name of entertainment. We also drove around a lot and got to see the English countryside (sheep, hill, sheep) and stock up on some essentials (pickle, biscuits, sale clothing in Asda). But both boys struggled with a cold and runny noses for the duration and as such, we have left a trail of ‘cold victims’ in our wake. Sorry if you were one of them. Sharing is caring right??

img_6420Our highlights included Bubbles new found fascination with Lego (leading to the endless confusion when you have finished building a model, yet still seem to have a pile of bits left over. What?!) and Squeaks total independence and humour. They play so nicely together. And they fight so passionately. Having kids close together is hard work, but now we are reaping the benefits (ie. I am finding time to write this blog whilst they throw balls at one another. I have perfected the ability to turn a blind eye!).

img_6249Other highlights have to include the wonderful food we were treated to by everyone. Aside from the traditional lavish Christmas day feast, there were full blown Sunday Roasts and eating pizza’s out with the kids – something that completely blew Squeak’s mind. A whole restaurant of pizzas with ice cream afterwards?? What is this luxurious universe we live in? I’m pretty sure that he resented me at that moment – how could I have kept this from him for all of his 2.5 years? Meanwhile, I provided the blank canvas for the boys to busy themselves between courses. Stickers are a common feature in our lives at the moment.

One of the advantages of spending so much time on the road is that it is also time that we planned to use to talk about the future. What do we want to do? Where can we see ourselves going? What is important to us? All important but scary conversations to have. So basically, we drove in silence until one of us cracked and turned the radio on. Being old(er) has far too many responsibilities with it. And decision making is so hard when it is no longer just about yourself. I moved around happily when I was younger, flittering from one place to the next. But now we have to make roots and give our kids stability. This means weighing up all the risks and excitement. And looking forward into the unknown future.

img_6526On that note, I have another fitness test at the gym tonight. I promised myself that this would be my lowest/fattest point of the year (post Christmas scoffing) with the aim of improving obviously. With that in mind, I basically gave myself a free-pass to gorge. For my dinner last night, I ate 3 muffins, 6 chocolates and some wine. Still a few Quality Streets to finish off before the box is empty. I’m beginning to wonder if I will even fit in my gym clothes…

fullsizeoutput_e38In other news, we had a family day out today. This picture is the classic ‘dad climbs up to slide with son, then son backs out and dad is left doing the humiliating slide alone down a kids playground’. Living the dream.

Wishing you all a merry and fun filled 2017 x

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  1. Enjoyed this as ever- love these blogs! And it was great to see you all though feel we didn’t live up to the lavish feasts you had!!! On the plus side, we didn’t catch the colds – must be fitter than I thought, all that organic greenery, bone stock, vit D must be paying off! Hope you weren’t too shocked at the gym!!

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