Living abroad can bring much excitement and many surprises. But also some struggles. More than anything, it makes me think about the meaning of ‘home’.

Big decisions, big consequences

26th January 2017 0

“He that has a choice has trouble” Dutch proverb. I have suffered a bit of radio silence recently. My head has been working overtime, but my typing has not been so prolific. The problem is, […]

2017 The Year of…a bit less cake?

3rd January 2017 1

So, it’s a new year. Again. Another year to talk about great ideas, dream a bit, and then get on with reality. Last year in March, I made a list of 10 things I wanted […]

An uncomfortable ride

2nd December 2016 0

This photo was taken on our street yesterday. I was torn between thinking “How do you not notice that your saddle is missing??? Ouch” and wondering if it was some sort of Dutch threat, the […]

Living in the Netherlands

6th September 2016 0

After growing up in the rural English hills, I now live in the below-sea-level Netherlands aka. The land of cheese and tulips. This experience has brought me many cherished moments of joy and some deep […]