I love quotes. And my Dad loves (bad) jokes. This is a place to share them. No more, no less.

Ears and giggles

8th November 2016 0

A new one from my Dad, courtesy of an 8 year old visitor to brighten his day. Enjoy: Have you noticed anything unusual about Dr Spocks ears? He has three of them. Let’s count them. […]

Quick cakes

12th September 2016 0

First offering from the Joke Master that is my father: Why is Usain Bolt like a tray of cup cakes? They’ll both be gone in 9.58 seconds. Room for improvement

Favourite Quotes and Jokes

6th September 2016 0

I am a big fan of the old-school communication ways, ie. Sending something via the post. There is something so heartwarmingly special about receiving a letter or postcard that someone has taken the time to […]