The elusive ‘Me Time’

25th November 2016 6

A few months ago I felt a surge of desperation. I had been a full-time mum with no respite and not enough wine for 4.5 years. I felt like I just needed a break, and […]

A letter to Bubble. Part 1…

21st November 2016 3

You started school 3 weeks ago. It was a shock to our system and a reality check that we are heading into the next ‘phase’ of your life. When did you get so old? Who […]

And the next step forward will be…??!

15th November 2016 0

Jobs…what do I want to do? How is it that I still have no idea? I am half way through my working life already! I have been so lucky to fall into these wonderful opportunities […]

Ears and giggles

8th November 2016 0

A new one from my Dad, courtesy of an 8 year old visitor to brighten his day. Enjoy: Have you noticed anything unusual about Dr Spocks ears? He has three of them. Let’s count them. […]

If only I had 3 arms…

8th November 2016 0

So after wearing a cast on my right arm for 8 weeks, I have only gone and got the same injury on my left (intersection wrist syndrome). Useless. I now have braces for both arms […]