About Me

I am a 36 year-old English girl (?!) living in The Netherlands with my Dutch husband, 2 boys, a cat and a variety of dead animals in the gardeimg_2965n, thanks to the said cat.

I had an exciting and wonderful career in the UK before I moved to NL for love. I have been a stay-at-home mum with its ups and downs and now I have itchy feet to do something to justify all those years spent in education.

I love writing, eating, wine and biscuits. After spending my first 21 years as a veggie, I am very particular about animal welfare and prefer to spend more and eat less meat.

I am an avid fan of community networking and believe every person has a story that is worth sharing.

I wish I could identify plants, but my regular weeding come-accidental-harvesting-the-beetroots proves otherwise.

A sign of a really great evening is one that concludes with a belly aching from laughing and a Bailey’s on ice.