Some sleep deprived updates and reality checks

A mixed bag of updates and thoughts for you today:

Sleep. Where are you??

Our morning started at 5am. Oh hurrah. Unfortunately, this is much of a norm now. Bubble still comes into our bed twice a night and Squeak isn’t feeling 100% so was also a regular visitor. They both snore. It’s amazing how living on so little sleep can become the norm. I seem to manage to get through the day but at 7pm I am useless when it comes to decision-making; see my complete lack of Christmas prep as evidence.

TV or no TV?

img_5840The harsh early starts are only manageable thanks to parent number 3. TV has become our early morning parent help. And I no longer feel guilty about this, but instead insanely thankful. We have a ‘no-TV-before-6am’ rule which we try so so hard to stick to. Before we had children, I would imagine the little cherubs climbing into our bed with giggles and mischief but instantly curling up all snuggly and warm with us. Hahahahaha. 2 boys later and that image is well and truly trodden on, jumped on and face planted. At the risk of stereotyping, boys like fighting. I struggle with it, but it is true. They can’t sit quietly and have a cuddle that lasts for more than 1.5 seconds. They can climb on my head and dive bomb onto my stomach; and this is the best of 2 evils – the other involves hands, feet, teeth etc aimed at one another. I find the role of crowd control management pre-6am unnerving. And if I need to invite 6 Paw Patrol pups to engage with my kids whilst I shower and prepare myself for the day ahead, then so be it.

Getting stuck in…

img_5893This Saturday I also had the pleasure of frequenting an indoor playground. I used to frequent pubs. Times have changed indeed. Whilst Bubble is big enough to clamber over every challenge in his pathway, Squeak still has ambitions that rather outweigh his abilities so I am usually trailing cautiously behind him. This does not always end well for me. I am too often joined the sprinkling of parents who had promised themselves they would hang on their dignity but are instead crawling out, disheveled from being knocked over by foam hands hanging from the ceiling, disorientated and crying out “where are my shoes?” as they exit 100 metres away from where they began. Oh, we sure do know how to have fun!

Physio update
img_5857I’m half way through my rehabilitation program and it can be pretty intense at times. I have 5 appointments a week so I am on first name terms with the reception staff. I’m doing lots of different exercises, talking a lot and waiting around a lot. I’m still not sure what is going to come out of the process other than an empty wallet thanks to parking costs. I’m finding it confrontational sometimes and often find myself walking into the room all chirpy and then leaving with a realism of my ‘situation’ smacked in my face. This isn’t all bad, but can be pretty exhausting. I’m both looking forward to what else I can learn, and looking forward to it ending. Meanwhile I get to try random things like walking with an ill-fitting brace (to stimulate feeling) and rolling a giant ball up and down the wall (to look like an idiot).

Gym update

Instructors made a comment how they only see me in the café. They weren’t far wrong. So tonight I have a fitness test. Laugh away. I literally spent the whole weekend eating at the annual family gathering. 2017 will be the year for getting fit. So I’m going to enjoy the last 2 weeks of this year; ie. Eat excessively over the festive period.

And finally…

img_6027We are heading to England for 10 days over Christmas. It’s going to be intense but exceptionally brilliant. It is always wonderful seeing so many great friends and family. We are so lucky to have so many great people in our lives. And mince pies. So the carols are playing, the tree is up, kids are playing/arguing merrily and I have had a long overdue trip to the hairdressers (picture is evidence that my hair can work, at least until I leave the salon). It really must be Christmas now!

Speaking With Sophie over and out until the roast potatoes and chocolate yule log are finished. Merry Christmas to one and all.

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  1. Christmas Nostalgia. Tessa showed me a video of Grace in the Nursery Nativity play. It was taken from the back of the hall. I couldnt see which was Grace.Was she an angel or maybe among the sheep ? She sat down next to me and I asked how she enjoyed performing She didnt reply She was on her i-pad watching a show she had downloaded. A second generation gap?

    • She was neither a sheep or angel. But waving fanatically whilst all other kids sat still. I saw the video also 🙂 And I feel the generation gap, so you must be really really feeling it!! Send some terrible Christmas jokes…

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