Me sick? Not today thank you

I can’t stand it when people look at me as if I am sick. There. I’ve said it. If I need help, I’ll ask for it. I don’t consider myself sick. Some days may be harder than others, but they are few and far between. Luckily. It is for me to decide how I am feeling rather than for it to be imposed on me. There may come a time that I will need more help, so save your energy and sympathy for then please.

That said, whilst I keep myself steady, my ‘health issues’ are also a constant presence and need work to manage them. For example, I am trying to sort my wrist out (see earlier post) but every time I try and do something ‘new’ and try to address long suppressed issues (eg. wrist again), I’m reminded of how busy I am managing my 2 long-term illnesses. It takes a lot of work to keep healthy, and that includes retraining myself from throwing cakes down my throat 😉 This coming week I have 5 hospital appointments. Five. Not including 3 blood tests, a filling at the dentist and 2 medicine deliveries. This is a particularly hard-core week where routine checks etc seem to have overlapped in scheduling. But it is also not unknown. It can be costly in car parking charges/coffees to ‘treat’ myself between waiting rooms, because if you can’t have a guilt-free hot chocolate after an MRI then when can you? But its weeks like this that stop me in my tracks momentarily. Of course, now it is mainly about juggling appointments with childcare, which keeps it real. And lets face it, those endless waiting times are also quality time with a long awaited book I keep in my handbag and look forward to with great anticipation! So please don’t treat me like I’m a delicate leaf trying not to blow away in the October winds. You had better watch out because this evergreen leaf laughs in the face of Autumn, getting stronger and flourishing throughout the storms.

I’m also getting a hair cut this week so it’s not all doom and gloom J

Gym update: I wore my new sports leggings under my dress yesterday. And I used the new rucksack to carry treats back from the bakers. Does this count??

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